7Lamb Productions

Audio Engineering

This has been an ongoing project with 7Lamb Productions. Audio Engineering has been provided for numerous episodes of many shows. The work for these projects have been done using Adobe Audition CC.


Paralyzed - Roland's Calls

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Atlas Avenue Beats - Kenneth Heights Stories

Part 1 - Barry Goes to Washington

The Cop Doctors

Episode 13 (A Surprising Death)

Episode 14 (A New Narrator)

Episode 16 (Winter Came and Went)

Episode 17 (Buddy Ebsen)

Episode 20 (Rodeo - Part 3/2)

Story - The Walk

Episode Twenty-Three

Episode Twenty-Five


Audio Engineering

Project date

December 2018 - Current

Number of Episodes


Programs Used

Adobe Audition CC